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ESPRESSO – La Palma, Colombia

ESPRESSO – La Palma, Colombia

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This brew recipe is based on the following machinery, and is recommended as a starting point only.

Machine: La Marzocco — Linea PB
Grinder: Victoria Arduino — Mythos One

– Recommended brewing ratio: 1:2
– Recommended brewing temperature: 93.5ºC
– Recommended machine pump pressure: 9 bar
– In: 19 grams of ground coffee
– Out: 38-40 grams of brewed coffee
– Brew time: approximately 28 seconds

If you’re using an EK43 to grind the coffee, a greater shot weight is recommended — closer to a 1:2.5 ratio. Variation in the water you use affects how your coffee extracts. We always advise adjusting the recipe to taste.

Flavour note guide:

Black Cherry, Red Apple, Caramel

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