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Discovery Capsules (Box of 10)

Discovery Capsules (Box of 10)

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Point of Sale Display

A modern and clean POS display for telling the Colonna story. These look great next to our capsules on a retail shelf and can be added FREE to any capsule order.

Capsules are retailed in boxes of ten and our recommended retail price for Discovery Capsules is £5.50

The coffees in our capsules change regularly as the coffee harvests come and go, for this reason the exact coffee in each box of capsules is detailed on the packaging. However, as a wholesale customer, if you'd like to know which coffee will be in your capsules before you order, please drop us an email

Variations in the type of coffee plant grown or the method with which the coffee is dried can dramatically alter flavour characteristics. The Discovery Genre celebrates the diversity and expressive flavour made possible by these distinctions.


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