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Collaborate with us

House Coffees

Our wholesale coffees aim to showcase the unique flavours of individual small lots. These tend to change every 4–6 weeks.

If you’re looking to feature a coffee as your house offering for a longer period of time (whilst also considering the coffee’s freshness) please get in touch.

Bespoke Coffee Collaborations

If you have a story based around quality coffee that you’d like to tell, we can source and roast a Colonna Coffee and help bring it to life.

Coffee Residencies and Tastings

A lot like a craft beer tap-takeover — if you’d like to showcase a range of Colonna coffee over a period of time (for example, a month). We’d love to work with you to curate this and support with a cupping or tasting event.

One-off coffee projects

Similar to our bespoke collaborations but for one-off coffee projects — this could be for a subscription service or be based around an event, launch or promotion.

Let’s work together —

Find more ways to work with Colonna in the dropdown. If there’s something specific we haven’t mentioned, let us know.

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